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Learn Chinese


With a brilliant faculty and a revolutionary teaching methodology, CLA has the unmatched ability to bring the most effective Chinese Language programs to its individual students and corporate clients in LA.
Chinese Classes in LA

The Highest Rated Chinese Mandarin Course in Los Angeles 

Scientifically-proved teaching methods and fun class activities to empower your brain 

The Largest Chinese School in LA by Enrollment

New programs starting each week

Multiple locations in LA

Convenient schedules in evenings and weekends. 

Local Los Angeles Alumni Network for Resources and Inspiration 

Free Mandarin-practicing and social events every month

The Most Dynamic Chinese-English Language Exchange Community in LA 

Federal Government Chinese Language Program Officer

University Instructor in Chinese Mandarin
Certified Assessor for the Mandarin Proficiency Test (PSC)

Interpreter for U.S. Congressmen

Speaker at conference of United Nations
The Basics

I took the Introductory class and was surprised at how much I learned in such a short amount of time. The method of teaching and philosophy of learning are communicated to the students, which helps us understand the demands of successfully grasping a new language, especially a non-Latin based language such as Chinese. The introductory course is fast paced, intense, and fun. I feel that new parts of my brain have woken up. 

-Emmy Bellaforte, Actress

Through my work I had the privilege of being trained by the Chinese Language Academy. What they conveyed to us was not just the training of a language but equally as important they opened a window into a culture, showing us how we really do have so much in common. It can be daunting at first when approaching a language such as Mandarin, but what the instructors from the academy were able to do was to break it down with a simplicity making it fun to learn. They gave us many tools to work with such as work sheets, sound charts, a manual, and videos that we could easily access from home for further study. As a result, I have been successful in my verbal exchanges with our Chinese visitors enriching their time here in the United States.

-Linda Roane, Museum Officers

The class was small (6 students), and the instructor was knowledgeable, patient and skilled at making learning fun. As an older adult who has never been particular good at learning non-English languages, I was concerned my brain wouldn't be able to absorb thematerial in a fast paced 'crash' course. Much to my delight, I have gained basic Mandarin skills and some understanding of Chinese grammar and language structure. Even more importantly, I've gained the confidence to continue my Mandarin learning. Very worthwhile course.

-Deborah Ching, Non-Profit Organization Principal 

CLA 16 Crash Course Classes in Chinese

Learn Chinese in 16 Hours.

Learning a language is hard work. You can learn more effectively if you are not alone.


Your brain will work 10x better when you are excited and engaged with other people.


Happiness generates efficiency.


Join us! Experience the most productive 16 hours in learning.

Available Courses at Chinese Language Academy


Group Class

  • “CLA 16” 16 Hour Crash Course for Beginners

  • Advanced Beginner Level Course

  • Intermediate Level Course 

  • Advanced Level Course

  • Proficient Level Course

  • Spoken Chinese Course

  • Business Chinese Course   


Corporate Training Classes

  • Customized Group Course at Your Site

  • Crash Course Designed for meetings, visits, and contract negotiations

  • Relocation Preparation Course 

  • Special Program in Chinese Business Culture  (non-language based) 

  • “Language + Insights” Program (with our Subject-Matter Experts) 

  • Mandarin Chinese For Executives

  • Mandarin Chinese For Public Services

  • Mandarin Chinese For Sales and Customer Services

  • Mandarin Chinese For TV & Film Industry professionals


Private Class

  • Customized in-person lessons

  • Customized online lessons

  • Afterschool Tutoring

  • Learning-Together Immersive lesson for families

  • Specific language coaching class for actors 

  • Exam Preparation lesson (HSK, BCT, AP, SAT and IB)

  • Business Chinese lessons

  • Chinese Literacy lessons for Heritage Speakers

  • Spoken Chinese lessons

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